Buy or Bid is an online marketplace with a twist! How is that, let’s take a look:

On all classified portals in UAE, sellers list their product and are contacted by buyers who are looking for a good deal and negotiate the price down. Sellers want to sell at the best price, but don’t want to miss the chance to sell their item, and buyers are not sure if the asking price is fair or they can get a better deal, creating a tedious and exhaustive experience for both parties, leading to missed sales opportunities or buying an item at a good price.

Our Vision

So we thought, how about we create a digital and seamless environment, where the marketplace, through a bidding process, sets the value of an item? The sellers are happy as they know they have sold to the highest bidder, and the buyers are confident with their purchase having visibility of the market value of the product. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

And like that, Buy or Bid was born.

We have created this site to provide an alternative to classified listings, an opportunity for corporations to sell their overstock, and buyers to have visibility and confidence in the right price, all in one place. We think this creates a win-win environment for all, and of course, adds a little bit of magic to the buying experience. Everyone agrees a bit of a competition and a bidding war can provide entertainment for an otherwise everyday experience.