Term & Conditions

  • I verify that the item listed is in the same condition as it is listed
  • I verify that images used is that of the item listed
  • I verify that I own the item and have the right to sell it
  • I agree to bear the cost of return-shipment if the item condition is not as advertised or the item is damaged and broken
  • I agree that I will sell the item to the highest bidder
  • I agree to UAE cyber and criminal laws and acknowledge that my listing does not break UAE governing laws
  • I understand that the funds will be processed in my account with 10-days of item sales
  • I acknowledge that Buy-or-Bid will deduct 10% of the final sales value as admin and processing fee and will transfer the funds post deduction of 10% processing fee
  • I agree to cooperate with the shipping company to coordinate for the earliest pick up time